We always promotes a high level of responsible behavior in connection with the use of our services and respects the rights of others and requires that users of XenonHost services do the same. To ensure that we can effectively remediate the misuse of any XenonHost services, we are using abuse handling policy.

We cannot completely control the manner in which the end-users are using our services, nor we can eliminate the risk of abuse. We can only enforce security controls to some extent such as port blocking, firewall hardening or using AbuseIPDB API toolkit. If you have identified that XenonHost services are used in violation of the XenonHost policies or any applicable law, or if you believe that your content has been used in any manner that infringes upon your rights, you can send an abuse notification to us. The procedure and requirements for the abuse notifications are set forth below.

Our Abuse Prevention department makes sure to act quickly on all notifications it receives. All notifications received are evaluated by a real person for quick and better judgement.

Abuse reporting criteria

Please follow the requirements stated below when submitting a notification about content hosted and/or transmitted by a XenonHost product(s). It is vital that you follow these guidelines; non-compliance may result in a delayed or faulty processing of your notification.

  • Make sure that the notification is submitted in plain text in the English language.
  • We will not accept abuse reports from a NO-REPLY email address.
  • Make sure to include your name, address, telephone number and email address.
  • The abuse report should reference an IP address from where the reported content is located or from which the reported conduct occurred. This IP address must be assigned to XenonHost.co.
  • Only include one IP address per abuse report submission. If you wish to submit a notification for more than one IP address, please send multiple notifications.
  • Only include URLs or domains in your abuse notification for which you are seeking resolution.
  • Provide a description of the content or conduct that you wish to report and why this is infringing your rights or violating applicable law or the applicable Acceptable Use Policy.

For copyright infringement, please include a description of the copyrighted work you claim has been infringed, including a copy of the copyrighted work or the web page address where the copyrighted work may be found.
For trademark infringement notifications: the registration details (including registration number) for the infringed trademark.
For hacking, VOIP/SIP Scanning, (D)Dos and malicious software: A description of the illegal activities, including date and timestamp, the IP address of servers that are subject of the illegal activities, the destination port, source port and log files.
Make sure to include one of the following key words in the body of your notification: [Child abuse] [Live streaming] [Copyright] [ Trademark] [Voip/SIP] [Phishing] [DDOS] [Spam] [Hack] [Malware] [Gambling] [Zoophilia] [Defamation] [personal data] [Photos of persons]


    You can also submit a notification by sending us a direct email at: [email protected]